Six Good Things Sunday #3

Feeling Better

For the last couple of weeks my system has been giving up on me from all directions. The stress of September and October (not my best months, by far) has finally taken its tall, and I spent a large chunk of the last two weeks of October and the whole of November in random pain. Stomach, back, head, respiratory system – you name it. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve been feeling better for the last week or so, and I hope this trend continues. Being ill always feels like such an invasion of privacy to me. I pray to God I will be able to keep my health into a very old age.

… I pray to God I reach old age.

Moving on!



Some two weeks ago I finally caved in and bought a locally produced scented candle. It is a mix of several scents that are supposedly revealed gradually as the candle burns down, but I really only smell peonies – and I absolutely do not mind. It is also offensively pink and burns quite well.

Other than that I bought some generic candles for my antique (no, really) candle holders, and also stuck some into empty wine and water bottles. Whenever I’d be glum in the evening, I’d light them all as a bizarre imitation of a fireplace.

… I really want a house with a fireplace. *sadface*

From the list of more realistic wishes: Yankee Candles have appeared in Moldova on the grey market, and I think I am going to give myself one for Christmas. I’ve heard so many good words about them, and been wanting to try one for about 8 years now. The selection of scents available here is not large – aside from a few other selected scents and gift sets, here’s what’s available. The site is in Romanian, but the titles are in English.

If you have any recommendations for the scents off the list, do let me know. Right now I’m torn between Peach, Peony, Strawberry, and Grapefruit. I will only be able to get one so I have to choose wisely.


YES ALL CAPS. IT’S NEAR AND I FEEL IT AND UGH SO EXCITED. I’ve already cracked out some light decor and mulled wine. So much mulled wine.


Starting a New Notebook

I finished the Blue Cats and Butterflies notebook from Paperblanks’ Fantastic Felines series, and started a new one. This one is much smaller and not as fancy, but I had wanted it this way – I’m going to carry it around with me daily, mostly for to do and shopping lists. I bought this one on my trip to Saint Petersburg many years ago, so it’s high time I use it.

Full-on Declutter Mode

What happens when you move a full flat’s worth of stuff into your living room?


I’ve been going through all these things, trying to sort through at least one bag or box each day, but to be honest it’s been much slower than that, as on most days I cap it at two 15-minute sessions – there is simply no time to do more, what’s with all the other activities on my daily list.

There are also about a dozen huge boxes of stuff (mostly books) in the library, and some more things in my father’s room. If I get through this in time for New Year’s, I’d be very surprised.

Though this note doesn’t make it sound like it, this is a good thing, because I am finally going through all my earthly possessions, getting rid of many of the things that I do not need. I just crack out Pimsleur Spanish, and go. I’ve also been able to rent out my second apartment, so yay.



I finally let myself eat a piece of chocolate candy. And then even several pieces of a chocolate bar, with coffee. It was a very happy moment.

What’s been keeping you going this week? Share in the comments!

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