Six Good Things Sunday #2



I started learning Spanish via Duolingo.

… OK, well, no. I started learning Spanish a long time ago using a textbook, but never got anywhere. Duo helped me pick it up again (read: start from scratch) and learn the very basics, and now I’m back to textbooks and additional reading material. I’m nowhere near as proficient as I would like to be, but I’m getting there.


Painting My Nails

I go through these phases where I don’t paint my nails at all. And let me tell you, these phases don’t make me happy. Having my nails painted is such an insignificant part of the great scheme of things, but for some reason it makes me feel like 20% better about myself.

Cooking, Cooking, Cooking

I had to get back to my special diet (health stuff, no one cares, moving on), which means that nearly everything I eat needs to be cooked from scratch. That’s what I’ve been doing, and on most days I don’t even find it annoying.



Hallowe’en has come and gone, and although I have not put up much decorations at home and even skipped decorating my desk at the office entirely, I still felt the holiday spirit this year. I love Hallowe’en, and every year I promise myself to go all out with it, but then stall. Let’s see what I come up with for Christmas and New Year’s then, which I love even more than Hallowe’en.

Book of Intentions

(Oooh, aaah.)

After attending a seminar with Brian Tracy (maybe I’ll write more about it later), I felt really focussed on my goals. One of the things that has helped me keep going was my ‘book of intentions’ – which is basically a journal upon which I have bestowed such a dramatic title. I keep track of my goals there, and every night I give myself a grade on how I have performed in this or that area. It has really been helpful – and quite insightful as to where my priorities really are and how to shift them to where I want them to be.

My Library

Admittedly not much reading done this time around – I’ve been focussed on tidying and sorting the library instead. It is an unfathomably large task as there are hundreds (thousands, really) of books in the house. But I keep going. Just minutes before finishing up this post I took out about 20 books to be sent to better homes, and tidied two more shelves. Out of like a hundred, but like I said – we’ll get there.

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