Alex and the Zoo is an online journal which would, with hope, be a testament that I do not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. I’d gladly call it a blog, but blogs are so fancy these days, with thousands of dollars behind production and marketing, and dozens of people writing and photographing. Me, I’m a one woman army. And I’m also not very niche. So Alex and the Zoo is a journal, then.

My name is Alexandra, by the way. Hi.

Alex and the Zoo talks about my interest in personal finance, books, cats, mental and physical fitness, house plants, conscious consumption and (tries of) low-waste living in developing countries, makeshift renovations of my 100 sq m flat, cats, languages, food, occasional style and career, cats, grabbing unto the remnants of my sanity by the threads, any and all other interests I develop in the interim, and did I mention cats.

So like I said. An aging provincial lady’s journal, then.

I also vlog. Here’s my YouTube channel. It has three subscribers. Care to increase that number? Heh.

If beauty and fashion is more your cup of tea, I have a separate blog for all my style-related consumerist content. I recently revamped the place, but soon enough it will be full of hauls, empties, jewellery, bags, and an occasional outfit post.

Beauty Playbox