Six Good Things Sunday #1


Getting Back Into Baking

I’ve been without an oven for 3+ years now, and while I still don’t have one, I’ve been trying to bake using the multicooker my brother handed down to me. I’m still too rusty to adapt my own recipes to this kitchen device, but the results with the recipe book that has come with it and the multicooker baking recipes that I have found online have been good.

If you’re interested in me sharing some specific multi cooker recipes, just holler at me in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do. ;D


 Enjoying the Last of the Harvest

It’s almost the tasteless tomato season, but not yet, not quite yet. I’ve been using up as much fresh produce as I could. This plate of huge tomatoes and tiny peppers was turned into a turkey liver stew.


A Tidy Bedroom

Nothing puts me at peace as much as spending some downtime in my tidy bedroom. I’ve cleared it of anything that has nothing to do with sleep, sex, and beauty, and I have been pleased with the result. It is currently the least cluttered room in the house, and I’ve been gravitating towards it more and more. If I am inclined to watch a movie, then I will make sure to remove the computer from the room once I am done. The only things that are not related to sleep, sex, and beauty that can be currently found in this room at all times are books and my phone, which I still use as an alarm clock. Once I get past my fear of not waking up to a traditional clock, the phone will be spending the nights in the kitchen. Sorry, buddy.



I lost two kitties to age and illness in the month of September. It’s only when you lose something that makes you realise how much you actually love it, so I’ve been spending as much time with cats as I could without actually disrupting my routine. They’re all adult cats, the one above being the youngest at 8 years, and you never know how much time you’ve got left.


Spending Time at Home

Being on sick leave and pretty much housebound for around ten days made me realise how much I a) want to be house-proud; b) love my flat; c) still need to work on – home and otherwise. And while spending so much time in four walls made me a little crazy, it also gave me a fresh perspective on eight hundred thousand things that constantly occupy my mind. In short, it’s been good. I’ve only been to work two days now, and it’s like a different galaxy.


Altucher’s Choose Yourself. Galsworthy’s To Let. Old Soviet textbook London in Fiction. Customer Service for Dummies. Tracy’s Hiring and Firing. Halvey & Melby’s Business Process Outsourcing.

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