On Slowing Down.

tea and lokum


Much as I’d love this to be a post on mindfulness and patience, it isn’t. I’m Type A. I do everything very fast and whilst doing it I’m very precise. There are, however, some things that I want to start doing slower.

1. Drinking and eating. I will let my tea cool down on its own instead of sticking it into the fridge or throwing an ice cube in. I will take two long breaks at work, instead four short, so that I could eat my food properly and then go for a walk round the block.

2. Reading. I will not read diagonally. I will not start books back to back, ideally taking a 24 hour break between them.

3. Feeding cats. Morning feed might still be rushed, but the evening one will be slow.

4. Commute. I will leave 5 minutes early so that I wouldn’t feel the need to rush to the station. I don’t need to rush to the station even if I don’t change the time, but just to feel on the safe side. I might also start walking home if the weather permits.

5. Talking to friends and family. I will talk to them, and do nothing else.

6. Separating enjoyments. None of the eating and reading or eating and watching a film type of stuff. It’s one or the other.

7. Dressing and putting on make-up. I want to take time each week picking out a wardrobe, and spend a little more time paintin’ my face.

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