Rethinking Style and Current Shop List.

Not much time passed since my last wardrobe post, but I’ve since then completely changed the idea of what I want my wardrobe to look like. It is pure luck (in that context, anyway) that my budget’s been very limited and I haven’t made any big huge purchases that would’ve been totally uninspiring by now.

Still can’t say that I have a complete and clear vision of how I want to look, but the elements are slowly coming together, and I’m enjoying the process, even if right now it is mostly mental. My wardrobe in the last few months expanded by the following:

  • a blue and white colour block t-shirt;
  • a pale lilac/grey t-shirt with an oddly patriotic print (I couldn’t get that colour out of my head, so I went for it);
  • peep toe nude heels (a gift from an acquaintance, I have mixed feelings about peep toe);
  • a lilac rucksack;
  • a white wallet (felt like my very much loved dark green one didn’t suit the lilac bag);
  • a black shirt.

lilac rucksack

I’m currently losing a metric tonne of weight, so out of my big-arse ‘archives’ of clothes I can now wear the following:

  • a black mid-length dress;
  • a blue chambray waistcoat;
  • brown, grey, and white shirts;
  • blue straight leg (they’re more of a skinny, really) jeans;
  • very normcore peach pink flat slippers;
  • black closed round toe heeled leather slingbacks (that’s a bit of a keyword heavy item, innit);
  • a brown maxi skirt.

I let go of a lot of shoes and shirts that no longer spark my fancy, or still spark it but sadly do not fit me. Many outerwear and several sweaters had to go as well.

I also started wearing more of my extensive jewellery collection, in particular earrings. I change them nearly every day these days. Still working towards wearing necklaces, bracelets and rings more often.

My ‘priority’ purchases are:

  • a swimsuit. I really want to start swimming again;
  • quality running shoes. Running in my current ones is more hazardous than beneficial;
  • black and/ or (OK, and) nude/tan flat lace-up sandals. I really like these nude lace-up ones but they’re always out of stock. My goal isn’t so much lace-up though, as them just being barely there. A sole and a couple of strings is all I want;
  • white and blue striped flats. Found a dirt-cheap pair, locally made too. Might buy soon;
  • a gold cross. Found one I really like at a local shop, now I just need the money;
  • nude closed toe heels;
  • a thin tan belt.

Things I kinda want, but haven’t fully decided upon yet:

  • lace espadrilles;
  • tan tote bag;
  • beige bag;
  • cropped jeans. Wouldn’t have to buy ones, would DIY, but I’m still on the fence about the whole cropped jeans/ trousers thing;
  • a new pair of sunnies with a lighter frame.

And some wishful thinking:

Michael Kors watches – these and these;

Fossil watches – these and these.

As you can see, these are all mostly shoes and accessories. My wardrobe is still very small, but I don’t feel like buying a lot of clothes at the moment. Even though I only have 6 shirts, 3 t-shirts, one pair of trousers, one pair of jeans, a dress, a waistcoat, and two skirts, it’s still considerable progress from my previous two pairs of trousers and three shirts. It’s not the most versatile closet in the universe, but I’m taking it slow, really thinking through (overthinking, more like it) each purchase and what message it might later represent.

Sounds so deep. It really isn’t. I just have several goals in mind.

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