Leather Patchwork Bags.

leather patchwork bags

It was one of these weird things you don’t notice until you stumble upon several at the same time.

Leather patchwork bags.

I love them, apparently.

They’re a bit nineties, aren’t they? They are, to me.

patchwork rucksack

This small rucksack could’ve easily become my favourite of the bunch, if it weren’t for its size (too small) and its treacherous locks that pinched my fingers so hard, they drew blood, too many times.

Nevertheless, I love it, and I wear it often. It’s the only one out of the lot to have a black base.

marc chantal bags

The second hand shop I frequent once had a lot of Marc Chantal bags available. I loved them first for their locks and for their sturdy shape. They are pretty small, but fit much more than they appear to be able to. I actually have four Marc Chantal bags, but one of them isn’t patchwork, and another one’s gone missin’.

patchwork bags

The one on the foreground was purchased at the same second hand shop. It’ pretty generic, but I love it anyway. The one in the back is a market find. I don’t think it’s leather as it was very cheap, but it definitely feels like leather.

patchwork bag

Finally, my favourite of the bunch. Old as hell and also huge. This thing is capable of fitting all the four bags above. I love its shape – or rather, how shapeless it is – and I love the leather pieces it’s made from. It’s become even softer with age, and is buttery now. The lining needs fixing, the Velcro (yep) closing no longer holds, and there’s also a small stain on it, but I don’t care. Carrying it about makes me feel so worldly and boho, I can’t deal.

I wish there were more patchwork bags with a greyscale base available! Even a Google image search only shows several.

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