Six Good Things Sunday

We could all benefit from enjoying life more. Below is a list of this week’s good things.

1. My brother is in town!~ I haven’t seen him since around Christmas. We have a mile-long list of things we want to do, but since he’s staying for 6 days only, we might have to pick and choose.

2. I am on holiday. 17 glorious days off. So glorious, so off. I honestly don’t mind my job, and sometimes I even enjoy it, but it never hurts to take a break. Besides relaxing (read: lying arse up under the AC with a book and a bottle of beer), I want to do some reprogramming around here. My priorities have been skewed lately. I don’t like that.

shumko and dusya

3. Reconnecting with cats. Aren’t I just a good old cat lady? I’ve paid so little attention to the kitties lately, they all keep giving me the evil eye. Yesterday I spent some time brushing them and making more cat caves in hopes they will love me again.

4. Languages. I’m back on track with my studies and loving it.

milani lip colour

5. Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in 04 Violet Addict. I received it in a subscription box a little under a year ago, and only got around to trying it this month. I was under the impression that it was a hot pink gloss, but no. This is a well-pigmented full coverage liquid lipstick. I’ve worn it on several evenings this week, and loved it.

6. Tea. Running out of coffee always makes me realise how much I enjoy tea.

What made your week good?

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