Photodiary – October 2017, part 1

I have a lot of hang-ups, and chronology is one of them. But let’s think in terms of Vonnegut, and decide that time is not linear. If I start putting up content chronologically, we might have to wait until 2025 to see 2017. From now on, I’ll be putting up random photodiary post from whatever month/ week/ day that strikes my fancy.

October of this year is the first victim.


This is such a blurry shot, but I wanted to include Shusha, as she’s been such an active part of October. I haven’t had the chance to mention her on the blog yet, but she’s appeared on my Instagram several times. Shusha is a stray kitten I picked up in September. My original intention was to foster her and find her a home, but eh. She found a home in my flat.


Schnitzel the elder can’t it with these younguns.


And Dusya is like, WTF mate. As always.


On the lovely, lovely day of 1 October Kishinev ran a marathon. I wanted to run as well, and I started training, but my back and neck had other ideas. Had to sit out this one. Sad, because my cousin, her husband, and our mutual friend all ran.

05-chisinau marathon

06-birthday flowers

Birthday flowers. October light is a beautiful thing.

07-sceptic shnits

Schnitzel, however, is unimpressed.

08-biggest bouquet in the world

The tallest and largest bouquet of flowers I have ever received. It’s from my dad.

09-yellow flowers closeup

Aren’t they pretty? They were about half my height, and I’m a moderately tall lady.

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That day I also baked pancakes, American-style.

10-offended selfie

This is a selfie I sent to my friends when they betrayed me and went to hang out without me. Beeches. They sent a smug smiling selfie back. Can’t find it.

Some time later, I made meself a belated birthday cake.

11-bday cake

No baking involved, just store-bought wafer cake layers and (store-bought again) dolce de leche.

12-dolce de leche cake

Best cake in the world.

Shusha and I sat and watched Sally‘s vlog. This one, if you’re wondering.

13-oversurprised shusha

Shusha looking very surprised.

14-shusha the maneater

Shusha trying to eat me.

15-shusha the cute seater

Shusha trying to pretend she’s a calm and peaceful kitty.


Those paws, though. And nose. SO CUTE EEEEE.

16-vegan white choc

My friend gave me a bar of her vegan white chocolate, because ‘vegan’ and ‘chocolate’ don’t go well together. 😛 Also, I couldn’t eat any other sweets at that point.

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My birthday balloon looking kinda sad.

My birthday is actually in September. I suppose that’s why.

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These sneakers served me well for more than a year, but I suppose it’s time for them to go. Spot the tear.

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