Don’t Focus on the Positive

don't focus on the positive

Every self-help article out there touts the wretched positivity horn.

Be happy! Smile! Don’t worry! Fake it til you make it! You’re a unicorn.

No. I hate to break it to you, but… no.

This is not focus on positivity. This is disillusionment that everything in your life is fine whilst you once more shut the doors upon the wreck, and numb and dumb yourself down even further with binge sessions of cute flatlays with rose gold and marble, or whatever your preferred choice of porno is.

No. Stop it right there.

Don’t focus on the positive.

Focus on positive action.

Repeat with me:

Focus on positive action.

Repeat with me again:

Focus on positive action.

Positivity without action is harmful.

“Hey, I have a clean mug, that’s good, I’ll focus on that.”

No. Don’t focus on a clean mug. Focus on the action that gave you that clean mug. You picked it up, and you washed it.

Don’t focus on a lost pound. Focus on what you did and didn’t do to get yourself that lost pound. You ate less sugar and walked more.

Don’t focus on a saved tenner. Focus on the actions you’ve performed to get yourself that saved tenner. You didn’t buy another nail polish, and you followed a strict shopping list.

Don’t focus on a finished sale. Focus on what you did to close the sale. You worked on your product and you were attentive to the client’s needs.

Focus on the action that yields you positive results, and do more of that.

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