walking the walk, talking the talk

At the end of last year I signed up for 30 Days for Climate Action run by Zero Waste Chef, who also has an excellent Instagram account. This challenge came at a perfect time. As I was taking a critical look over my life for the past few months (years, to be honest), I realised that in the new year I want to hold myself accountable, set boundaries, and live with intention. I’ve been floating. I’ve been stagnating. I’ve been a hypocrite.

This is not a resolution, though. It’s a realisation and a goal that I want to act upon, and maybe even preach a little – but only in the form of sharing my experiences. Talk the talk and walk the walk – isn’t that the motto I chose when I decided to go back to blogging?

I Saw The Sign

The first day action is talk to someone about climate change. Surely I took it as a sign, because even before I read it I had the intention of sharing more of my eco-minded escapades with the world.

In my usual all-or-nothing manner I have an itch to call it a series and say that throughout the year I would share 101+ ways I will try to lower my impact on the planet. But that would be a new post every three days, and considering my current rate of writing blogposts, that is not feasible.

Things (mottos? intentions? affirmations?) I need to keep in mind are, just start and don’t be perfect.

Just Start

Start today. Do one thing, whether it audit food waste, refuse a purchase or drink tap/ filter instead of bottled. It’s already a step, and it’s already moving forward.

Don’t Be Perfect

Perfect can be many things. But you know what it certainly isn’t? Relatable. You can’t inspire people for change whilst riding your high horse of martyrdom and self-importance. No one is moving to the woods and using the family cloth around here, so no worries. I’m not perfect, and you’re not perfect. I buy too much makeup and use liquid soap, you use disposable straws and buy candles for fun. It’s OK, as long as we take a look at our actions and gradually improve, reduce waste where we can and choose small and sustainable whenever we can.

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